I want Bill Murray to play the mayor [of Pawnee], and I just dream about it every night. I whisper it to a bird and then I open the window and the bird flies away.
— Yeah, can’t resist posting one more quote from our Sundance interview with Amy Poehler and Adam Scott. (Shouldn’t be hard to guess which one said this.)
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so, i haven’t written here in awhile. nothing too major, just life getting in the way. off to watch shameless and girls! (i think this may be the worst post in the history of all posts ever, but i swear i will write something better someday. really.)

9. sonnet 43 to wikipedia

how do i love thee? let me count the ways

1. all of the information i could have ever hoped for, in a nice and organized way

2. your vast collection of every single episode description of every one of my favorite television shows

3. endless links to keep me occupied for hours on end

4. my teachers hate you, so i find you irresistible to want to use

thats it. four ways, wikipedia. but damn, those are four outstanding reasons.


is it possible to feel entirely full, yet empty at the same time?


that awkward moment on sunday night when you forget that it’s a school night and stay up until 2 o’clock in the morning watching will and grace reruns and surfing the internet…… so school today is gonna be great! #shitnoonesays

my lil baby jake

my lil baby jake


today i saw lincoln. boring story but superb acting and facial hair. is it bad that i’ve been to the movies 3 times in the past 6 days? (all good too— les mis, silver linings playbook, and now lincoln). also, i started watching friday night lights and supposedly my life will now be changed forever. loving it so far but beyond hating lyla - jason street’s girlfriend. oh well, maybe i’ll grow to love her being that i’m less than three episodes in. 


The Royal Tenenbaums / Flashing Lights


The Royal Tenenbaums / Flashing Lights

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mornings. i hate them, 6 days a week. i do, however, love a nice saturday morning where i can sit in bed and catch up on my shows. today i woke up at 11:58 AM.